CO2 Monitors

Monitoring CO2 to Reduce the Risk of COVID Spreading

CO2 SensorKey Stats

  • CO2 concentrations can be a useful indicator regarding air cleanliness.
  • Outdoor air contains around 400 parts per million (ppm) of the gas.
  • People‚Äôs exhaled breath contains around 40,000ppm. Exhaling into a room therefore gradually raises its CO2 concentration unless the ventilation is good enough to remove the excess.
  • According to experts on air quality, anything below 500ppm in a room means the ventilation is good.
  • At 800ppm, 1% of the air someone is breathing has already been exhaled recently by someone else.
  • At 4,400ppm, this rises to 10%, and would be classed as dangerous.
  • These sorts of levels are seen only in crowded spaces with poor ventilation.

CO2 ReadingsHow the Sensors Work

  • Battery powered sensors are easily fitted in the rooms you want to monitor.
  • They monitor CO2, temperature, humidity and VOC.
  • Readings periodically sent wirelessly to our secure cloud (using LoRA or Sigfox).
  • If the levels get too high the cloud sends email alarms.
  • Historical data can be viewed via web portal, integrated to other software via and API and export to spreadsheets.

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