Diversity Sourcing Solutions and Spiroflow  “Together We’re Better”

Diversity Sourcing Solutions is excited to now be an authorized reseller of Spiroflow.  Together we have the scale, experience and capacity to manage and automate  entire lines and provide total system integration.

About Spiroflow

Since the 1970’s  Spiroflow has been a global leader in  the mechanical process conveying, bulk bag loading and unloading equipment, and an emerging leader as a Control Systems Integrator. We lead the industry in safety, containment, sanitation, ergonomics, design and speed.

As an engineered solutions provider, and equipment OEM, we offer the industry’s most expansive line of mechanical process conveying solutions and bulk bag handling equipment to convey bulk materials, both powder and granular, within your factory process.

Spiroflow Automation  Solutions

Control systems Integrator. We design and implement sophisticated control systems for manufacturing and industrial facilities. Vast knowledge of engineering, information technology and business.  We Improve plant systems and automate manufacturing processes.

National and Global Footprint

Manufacturing plants and test facilities  in the US and UK

Core Product Lines

  • Bulk Bag Dischargers & Fillers
  • Aero-Mechanical Conveyors
  • Tubular Drag Conveyors
  • Flexible Screw Conveyors


  • Food & Beverage
  • Water Treatment & Recycling
  • Chemicals
  • Plastics
  • Consumer & Building
  • Products Mining/Materials
  • Heavy Industrial & Power